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We’re here to help you out with all of your home entertainment needs. From TV wall mounting, to surround sound setup, games console installation, projector installation and more our team of experienced home entertainment specialists can provide you with the solution.

No matter what the size of the job, if you’re struggling with any of your home entertainment systems, or want to take your setup to the next level, the our team of home entertainment specialists are ready to assist.

Whether you’re looking for a connected light bulb, security camera, or thermostat, start with the best smart home devices we can supply and install it for every room in the house.

4K Game Streaming

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From cassettes to cartridges, DVDs to downloads, the way we get our games is always changing. But the next evolution may be the most dramatic yet. What if there were no disks, no downloads, and you could take your games and saves with you whenever you went, and play themon any device that has a screen and a broadband connection? Do you want a new experience with Google Stadia, PlayStation Now or NVIDIA GeForce Now?

Our local, experienced engineer will help you to set up your TV, your network (wireless or wired) and gaming console of your choice. We offer same day, reliable, local service.   

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We want our homes to be “smart” in every sense of the word, with devices that make life easier and anticipate our needs – not pointless products that take forever to set up. Here at Home Entertainment team we offer the best new tech for 2020 which fits the bill. You can use your voice to command more than just music.

safe work campaign

Working together to ensure work is carried out safely in your home. The coronavirus pandemic has been devastating in the UK.  But now we can finally look beyond lockdown and start to get the country working again.

This THREE  – PART GUIDE will help you know what to do before, while and after you have our engineers working for you.

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