Game streaming showdown

From cassettes to cartridges, DVDs to downloads, the way we get our games is always changing. But the next evolution may be the most dramatic yet. What if there were no disks, no downloads, and you could take your games and saves with you whenever you went, and play themon any device that has a screen and a broadband connection?

That's the dream of game streaming.

Yes, that’s the dream of game streaming, with companies like Google, Nvidia, Sony and more battling it out lo lay claim to this fertile new gaming ground. The platfoms, like Sony’s PlayStation Now, Google’s Stadia and Nvidia’s GeForce Now, store more games on remote cloud servers,letting you tap into them instantly over the internet. Imagine a Netflix stream that you control with a gamepad, and you’re on the right track.

Google Stadia

Stadia is Google’s big play for the hearts of gamers. It’s promising  a truly ‘post-console’ platform, letting you take AAA games anywhere your phone, a Chrome browser or Chromcast streaming dongle  are, with a smart lag-reducing control pad.

google stadia

PlayStation Now

Are you a PlayStation fanatic? Disappointed you can’t get PS3 games on your PS4? PlayStation Now lets you stream classic PlayStation  games to your PC or console, as well as top selection of PS4 games, for a monthly fee. There are around 700 PS4, PS3 and PS2 games to choose from,  from a wide range of genres.

playstation now

NVIDIA GeForce Now

NVIDIA is a big name in PC graphics cards, and it’s now a leader in game streaming, too. Letting you stream AAA games from numerous download stores to low-powered devices, GeForce Now is a versatile game streaming option.

nvidia geforce now
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